~~The riveting fight to save the North Hive Ramblers has finally come, but who will live and who will die in the battle? Say goodbye to some of our favorite Ramblers.

Just when Iana thinks it is safe to breathe again, news of Newhom will set her world back on edge. How will she save Aster and how will everyone live in the cold snows of outside?

Can Daniel accept the loss of Iana’s love and walk away, or will he fight to reclaim her? The Mentor comes closer to the secrets of a past he’s dedicated his life to find. He must now make a choice: to sacrifice the woman he loves for the greater good of all people: Hive, Newhom and Predator alike, or find another way.

A jaw dropping ending of betrayal and horror reaves up the Snow Wars series to the most amazing cliffhanger ending of this novel.


(Book Four of The Snow Wars Series)


~The Snow Wars Series