~~Iana is entombed alive in the crypt of the Upper Hive, with the bones and ghosts of her family and friends. Will she get out before she loses her mind entirely? Will she even want to, when love has once again be stripped from her and killed?

Daniel is left for dead, after utterly underestimating his opponent and costing him the love of his life. Will he have the courage to stand back up on his feet and lead again, or will Iana’s loss and his failure in judgment keep him on his knees?

Aster and Peter are reunited and Aster takes the reins of her birthright. The people of two cultures must choose between fighting for freedom or fleeing to live another day. The resistance welcomes the newest member of their combined cultures into the white of the snows.

Heartbreaking sections of both horror and love help this novel propel the Snow Wars series towards its conclusion where all the secrets and lies are finally brought to light.


(Book five of The Snow Wars Series)

To be published soon!


~The Snow Wars Series