~The Baby Maker Series

Book two (is a Pre-cursor) to the Baby Maker Series 

In this precursor to the Baby Maker (book 1) Riley Parker arrives at her sister Terry’s new apartment in Massachusetts. The sisters reunite to begin new chapters in both their lives. Their days are filled with hilarious misunderstandings, adventures, challenges and handsome men. Both must find the courage to face their pasts in order to meet their new futures. Men may trip them up along the way, but true sisterhood pulls them through all situations in this comical light romance.

Sister Start Up

The Baby Maker

Book one of the Baby Maker Series

Riley Parker has worked years to create a life where all her dreams can finally come true. Moving to Massachusetts to live with her sister and start a new job will allow her to finally conceive the baby and start the family she has always dreamed of. Who needs true love or men to make a baby? All she needs is the number one fertility clinic in the country and a little spunk. Nothing can stop her from fulfilling her dreams; except possibly the most handsome baby making doctor she’s ever seen. Through a hilarious ride of ups and downs and every conceivable obstacle being thrown in her way, Riley will have to make the biggest decision of her life. Will she give up on true love and be content to simply follow her predetermined plans or will she fight to keep what she never thought she would find, her soul mate?