The Ramblers Series

A Lesbian reimagining of the popular Snow Wars series.

Lesbian Fantasy


(Book one of the Ramblers Series)

~~In a world covered by snow, where resources are scarce and love even more elusive, two young women hold the key to the mysterious death and contagious destruction surrounding their cave dwelling people. One side wants to keep these women alive and the other side wants to see them dead, but how can these young women tell the difference between the two sides and what is the dark secret in their past that holds the key to the threats of today?

The sole survivor of a bloody genocide attempt, Iana runs for her life, but is there anywhere safe left to run? Danielle swore to her dying brother that she would protect the small Rambler Iana and her family, but how can Danielle help a young women who continually puts her life in danger?

As she binds Iana closer to herself, and her own secret life, Danielle finds herself drawn to Iana in more than one way.

Aversions is loaded with contradictions and contrasts. It has tales within tales which shine the light on the characters that make up this frozen and dangerous world.