Where did the pen name N.S. GRIMM come from?
N.S. GRIMM is an acronym created (in the beginning) to represent two sisters.  They wrote their first book together and needed a pen name that could represent them both. The first two initials are taken from the first letter of each sister's first name. The word ‘Grimm’ was chosen as a salute to the Grimm Brothers. Although one sister has predominantly gone forward to write mostly solo projects since that first book, they look forward to publishing together again in the near future.


Life without Love would be GRIMM

Pen Name Origins

N.S. GRIMM was raised in Texas. As the baby in a family of three children, she was happily spoiled. Her first career was as a working Actor, her second was in Higher Education and she is now 'finally' a published author .

She has a BFA in Dance, is a graduate of the William Esper Studio in NYC, has a PHR in Human Resources and a Masters in Public Service Administration (MPSA) from Texas A&M University.

She currently lives and writes from different locations, depending on the season and the book being written. She is always currently working on the next novel.